Are you still mad with Poly? Why ? Didn't you talked and forgive each other? If you didn't, well you should

Yes. Well you know why? I couldn't stand on that situation. I'm still thinking that she prefers more that slut than me. She said that I spent so much time with K. But you know me, K is my friend like her. It hurt me. That slut is a copycat, you know that, you said it. I can't be fake I don't like her. She mess with me. I think I fucked up our friendship but It's OK that things happend. We need a long break of each other. a break that can last a life. I want her happy so I'm gone of her life now. I didn't talk with her since last year. I don't thin I should I'm OK with you and my boy friend A. At least I have Albi and a lots of friend that care of me too. She wasn't the only one.

Ask me; I'm not going to eat you.

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